When the unimaginable happens, we are here.

When someone passes away, there are countless things to be done and tough decisions to make, all of which can feel overwhelming and confusing.

We can help you with banking arrangements by explaining what's required and supporting you at each stage - from completing paperwork together and stopping account activity to handling the release of money from the Estate. 

The Mac is here for you. 

The first step is to notify The Mac. There are a range of ways that you can notify us. 

  • Call our team on 1300 622 278. We are available Monday - Friday from 9am to 5.30pm;
  • Email our Specialised Deceased Estates team at creditcontrol@themaccu.com.au;
  • Visit your local branch at Camden, Picton or Tahmoor; or
  • The Mac have partnered with the Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS) to help simplify the deceased estate administration process. The ADNS is a free, national service that enables an individual to notify multiple organisations of a loved ones passing through one simple, secure online platform. The ADNS validates personal details against the Australian Death Check (ADC) and supplies this information to relevant organisations that are selected to notified.

To protect the Estate, we will place blocks on all accounts owned by the person who has passed - this will prevent further debit transactions including fees, direct debits and periodical payments. This also includes the removal of any redraw capacity on home or personal loans that may be jointly held. Until accounts are officially closed, they can continue to receive credits like interest and deposits. Any Powers of Attorney or Authority to Operate instructions automatically cease upon the death of the Member.

Before we can provide any details, we'll first ask for proof of authority to act for the Estate. Also - as each state is different, the type of documents we will need may vary. We will discuss this with you as a part of the process. 

Once we've confirmed the authenticity of the Estate Representative(s), we can provide detailed information about the accounts held in the sole name of the Member who has passed and we will be able to make changes as instructed by the Estate Representative. We may need to request additional documents at this stage depending on the circumstances.  

The final step is to finalise the Estate. Once we have received all of the required documents, we can close the relevant deposit account(s) and transfer any funds as per the Estate Representatives instructions. With Home Loans or Personal Loans, if you're planning on refinancing the loan or adding or removing borrowers we will help you with this.