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Visa Debit Card

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Access your money anywhere VISA is accepted.

The Mac’s Visa Debit Card allows cardholders to make purchases in person, over the phone, online and overseas from thousands of locations world-wide. It works by debiting available money from your Everyday Savings Account, Freedom Years Account or Youth Saver Account, giving you the convenience of a credit card without the interest.

Our Visa Debit Cards also have Visa PayWave, which allows payments to be made by waving your card over a secure contactless terminal. This means there’s no swiping, signing or fumbling for cash, making for a fast and convenient transaction – simply ‘tap and go’. Its important to be aware that some merchants may process PayWave transactions through the EFTPOS network which may mean you incur excess transaction charges. To avoid this, simply insert your card and press credit. 

With both Verified by Visa and Vigil Intelligent Fraud Protection monitoring your Visa Debit Card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can feel confident knowing that you’re protected.

  • Access your money world-wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Purchase goods online, over the phone and in store, using your own funds, allowing you to take back control of your finances
  • Fee free transactions by pressing ‘credit’ when making purchases
  • Visa’s smart chip technology gives you maximum protection against fraud, counterfeiting and skimming
  • Protection from Verified by Visa and Vigil Intelligent Fraud Protection for around the clock protection

Want to talk to a real person about our Visa Debit Card?

You can request a call back from our team or call 1300 622 278, Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm.
Our Camden, Narellan, Picton or Tahmoor branch teams are also happy to help you with you order a Visa Debit Card.

Find out where our local branches are located.

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  • Testimonial - Sharryn H 2

    After dealing with many other banks it has always been a refreshing and pleasant banking experience to go to The Mac. - Sharryn

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Sharryn H

    I have been a very happy banker with The Mac for about 6 years. My interaction with our local branch has always been a super friendly and professional one. - Sharryn

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Jane H 2

    Whatever and whenever you needed assistance or just a quick smile and hello over a simple transaction was enough to make your day. Thank you to a wonderful team. - Jane

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Jane H

    It's amazing, the stark difference between The Mac and a bank; and for me The Mac was exactly what I needed. - Jane

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Elizabeth T 2

    The Mac have helped me to feel at home, have made very helpful suggestions to deal with my financial needs, all with politeness and pleasantness as if I was all important! Thank you all very much. - Elizabeth

    Mia Tindale
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