Get the kids back to school without breaking the budget.

Christmas and New Year's has flown past and before you know it the kids are meant to be geared up with new school clothes, school books, shoes (AND sneakers as well), plus a host of other stationery items. We share how to get your kids back to school for less.

Watch for sales - both online and instore

Shoe stores generally start to run their 'Back to School' sales in early January on school shoes and sneakers. Keep an eye online and remember that stores will generally begin to run out of popular sizes. It's also worth checking if your school accepts coloured sneakers or whether they need to wear an all white sports sneaker, to save your sanity. Some shoe stores will even size your children's foot and find the right fit for them; generally allowing some room for growing. (Just as an aside, for parent's of 'first timer's' you'll be lucky to get a whole year out of your child's school shoes in case you didn't know.) Stay alert. Buying during a sale can save you up to 50% on shoes.

Likewise, you'll find that school bags and stationery items tend to go on sale around the same time. Follow your favourite stores on Facebook and keep an eye out for upcoming sales.

Purchasing from the school vs a generic retailer

Some schools have emblemed school uniforms; and in this case, you'll generally be forced to purchase embroidered items directly from the school. BUT some items, like pants, socks, skirts and shorts can be purchased from much more afforable retail stores. Bigger retailers like Big W, Kmart and Best and Less carry generic uniform separates in school colours and it's worth taking a look to see if your school uniform colours are available.

Shop second hand from the school's Uniform Shop

Most schools have a stockpile of second hand uniforms available at REALLY affordable prices. Take a wander down to the schools uniform shop before the end of the school year and stock up on reasonably priced school clothes in a size or two above what your child is currently wearing (trying to account for summertime growth spurts). Just give your child's school a call and find out when it's Uniform shop is available.

Save a few dollars with DIY projects

You'd be surprised how many dollars you can save by 'doing it yourself'. Here are a few cheap and EASY tutorials that might help you save:

Essential Points

  1. Keep up to date with sales on school shoes and supplies
  2. Try and buy pieces of uniform from bigger retailers eg. Best and Less
  3. Consider buy uniform items from your school's Uniform Shop second hand pool
  4. Save money by doing it yourself. Kids lose everything in their bag at least once. You'll thank us later.


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