Want to know more about the removal of RediATM's from our branches? Read on.

  Why are we removing the RediATM's from our branches?

There are a number of reasons. The main 4 reasons are:

  • Branch ATM's are used less often by members of The Mac as the number of tap & go (Paywave) transactions increases
  • There are substantial (and increasing) costs associated with having ATM's in our branches
  • Most bank ATM's no longer charge operator fees, meaning there are now over 10,000 ATM's that members can use without paying a third party fee
  • There has been a reduction in the number of RediATM scheme participants - which means there are going to be less RediATM's for our members to use around Australia
  When will the ATM's be removed?

The ATM's have been removed.

  How can you get cash once the ATM's are gone?

Members can still get cash out at other ATM's, when using EFTPOS in a shop or by visiting one of our local branches.

  If the ATM's are going, does that mean the branches will follow?

No. The Mac has no plans to close any of our branches.

  What ATM's can be used once the ATM's are removed?

The Mac Visa Debit Card can be used at any ATM in Australia (and around the world!). A number of larger financial institutions have removed the third party charges from their ATM's.

Members need to be mindful that if the ATM is privately owned (like the ones in some services stations and clubs) that they may be charged a third party fee. This fee is set by the owner of the ATM and goes directly to them - The Mac does not charge this fee.

  What costs are associated with having ATM's in branches?

There are annual rental fees, insurances and maintenance costs. These costs are significatnt and are only increasing.

  If The Mac will no longer be paying to have ATM's in it's branches - will this saving be passed on to Members?

No - our fees, charges or interest rates are not changing as a result of the removal of the ATM's.

  Can I still access my linked S2 or S6 account using my Visa Debit card at other ATM's?

Unfortunately, now that we are no longer a part of the RediATM scheme, you are unable to access your S2 or S6 accounts using your Visa Debit card. To access these accounts you will need to transfer funds to the account your card is attached to.

  Can I still change my PIN?

Yes, you can - you can change your PIN any time you like using The Mac App or Online Banking. You must be reigstered for SMS One Time Password to do this.


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