Everything you need to know about our new website.

  Why did you upgrade the website?
With more Mac members accessing our website from their mobiles and smart devices each year, the website was upgraded to be viewed and navigated on these platforms. We also made the most frequently accessed pages on our website more easily accessible, and as part of our friendly, helpful & supportive culture, introduced our Advice Centre.
  Is the website still secure?

With the website upgrade, we increased the security of our website and introduced a secure http url (web address). If you look at The Mac's website url, you'll notice it has a https address. What does this actually mean? It means that connections to our website are secured through encryption; keeping your computer safe and protected.

  The website isn't displaying properly on my computer. Why is this happening?

The code in our new site supports selected browser versions. As browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari (to name a few) are updated regularly, it's impossible to support all older versions of browser software. If the website isn't displaying correctly, or if you have trouble logging into Online Banking, it is potentially linked to the version of your browser software. The browsers and versions supported by our new website include:


Kit Kat 4.4 - 4.4.4

Lollipop 5.0 - 5.1.1

Marshmallow 6.0 - 6.0.1

Nougat 7.0


All versions above 5.1.10


No known issues

Internet Explorer

IE9 and above are supported

  I can't login to Online Banking anymore. Why not?

There are a small number of members who have been unable to access Online Banking after the upgrade to our new site. There are a number of known issues:

  1. After tapping the Online Banking login button or Login button you are redirected back to the home page
  2. After tapping the Online Banking login button or Login button, nothing happens at all
  3. Being presented with a blue graphic with different languages embedded within it
  4. After tapping the Online Banking login button or Login button you are presented with a screen from your anti-virus software

Issues 1 and 2 are related to outdated and unsupported browser software. Android smart devices running on software lower than 4.4 are not supported and will require the upgrade of your device. For Apple users, Safari software lower than 5.1.10 are not supported. iPhone 4s and above will not experience these issues. Members are still able to access their accounts from their phones even if the browser software is outdated and not supported by downloading The Mac App, free of charge.

Issue 3 can be resolved by conducting a hard refresh of The Mac's home page. Simply press CTRL and F5 and allow the page to reload. When tapping the login button you will no longer be presented with the graphic.

Issue 4 can be solved by tapping the link on your screen to allow your anti-virus software to trust our website. You will not be presented with this alert again.

  I can't find the page I'm looking for. Help?
If you're finding it hard to find the page you're looking for, you can use our accessible and simple search bars. You'll find one located at the top of every page on our new website and at the bottom of our home page. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve the site and invite you to complete a simple form to let us know what you think.
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  Why do I have to scroll right in Online Banking now?

You may need to decrease the size of your screen display. You can do this by holding CTRL and using the scroll wheel on your mouse to adjust the size of your screen. Alternatively, you can review the size of your screen's display in your computer's Control Settings.

Still have questions about our new website?

You can request a call back from our team , or call 1300 622 278, Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm.
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