Avoiding online scams

With many of us shopping online, it is more important than ever before to be aware of how to safely transact online and avoid online scams. Find out how you can avoid being scammed online.

Online scams can include ‘phishing’ emails that ask you to verify personal or financial information and may look and feel as though they have been sent by financial institution or a business you regularly purchase from.

You may be purchasing on an online auction site and suddenly the seller wants to complete the purchase outside of the site, asking for your financial details to complete the transaction. Scammers are constantly innovating ways to deceive consumers but there are a few ways you can stay ahead of the game and protect yourself and your money.

How to avoid online scams

Essential points:

  1. If you're not 100% sure about an online seller, don't pay them
  2. If you're not 100% sure about an email you've received, delete it
  3. If you're not 100% about an email you've received from The Mac, contact us on 1300 622 278 immediately
  4. Stay informed about current online scams at Scam Watch

Want to know more?

Remember, if you suspect fraudulent or suspicious activity on your Mac accounts, contact us immediately on 1300 622 278. You can also read more in our Security FAQ's.

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