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How you can afford Christmas 2016

Christmas is an expensive time of year, (which is inconveniently placed closely with another expensive event called New Year's) but there are a few simple ways you can make sure you can afford Christmas 2016.

A bottomless wallet you say?

Sadly no, we don't have the world's first magic bottomless wallet (wouldn't that be nice?) but we do have a number of ways you can make sure Christmas this year is affordable.

Organise yourself before you start shopping

Whether you prefer to create lists on your phone, in your favourite app or even with good ol' fashioned pen and paper, write down the names of everyone you intend to buy gifts for and the amount you think you'd like to spend. Tally up the total and consider whether Aunty Maeve would really mind if you didn't spend the full $100 on her gift. Sounds brutal, but consider whether you need to spend what you want to on your friends and family.

Once you've got your list with your names and totals, make copies (if you're working on paper) or make sure the list is available to you at all times; so if you end up finding something you think Aunt Maeve will LOVE, consult the list to stick to the budget you've set for youself.

Become a savvy shopper

If there was a time to become a savvy shopper, the lead up to Christmas is the time to do it. Keep an eye out for catalogue specials (you can do it online here), watch Facebook groups selling quality items you're interested in or even save searches in eBay to keep your finger on the pulse of savings and specials. HOWEVER, being a savvy shopper also means being very aware of finalising your purchases with reputable sellers, using payment services that verify your identity with one time passwords or other security tokens. In the lead up to Christmas we tend to be making a higher volume of purchases, so it's important to keep a close eye on your accounts to check for suspicious transactions.

Consider Kris Kringle

Yes, it would be lovely for everyone to receive a gift at Christmas and you can, by adopting a Kris Kringle style Christmas. By puttng 10 names in a hat (or however big your family is) and pulling out one to buy a gift for, you have saved yourself buying 9 other gifts! It might mean you can spend a little more on one person AND everyone still receives a gift. There are no hard and fast rules either; so you may decide to buy all the kids Christmas gifts and Kris Kringle the adults, or decide to Kris Kringle with entire families instead of buying every individual a gift.

Say it with love, not with stuff

Sounds cheesy, but consider writing and giving notes to everyone you care about explaining what you love about them or a funny memory of you both (instead of expensive gifts). Include a photo if you have one and wait for the hugs and tears to follow. Why wait until it's too late to tell the people closest to you how you feel? Christmas can be the ONLY time of year some families can find time to get together, so this is a great idea to bring the heart back into Christmas and make the time count.

Essential Points

  1. Get organised BEFORE you go shopping. Write down who you need to buy for. Set a budget for each person and STICK TO YOUR GUNS. It's harder to overspend when your organised. 
  2. Look out for specials; be smart about your shopping.
  3. Consider Kris Kringle and save $$$
  4. Bring the heart back into Christmas by giving notes to loved ones instead of objects

Want to know more about how you can afford this Christmas?

You may need to call Santa for help with  that one, BUT if you need help with something related to your Mac accounts our team is here to help.

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