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Accounts and Access FAQs

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Find out more about accounts and access facilities by reading The Mac’s helpful FAQs. The Mac makes everyday banking easier.

  What can I do using Online Banking and The Mac App?
Feature Online Banking The Mac App
View Accounts Yes Yes
View Transactions Yes Yes
Funds Transfer Internal Yes Yes
Funds Transfer External Yes Yes
View / New / Delete Payees Yes View / Delete Only
Pay Anyone No Yes
BPAY Yes Yes
View / New / Delete Billers Yes View / Delete Only
Customise Mobile Banking (List Size) No Yes
Floating Keyboard Yes No
Security token at login Yes No
Terms and Conditions acceptance Yes Read only ability
Security Check Yes No
Filter by Account Type Yes No
View / Modify Periodical Payments Yes No
Loan Redraw Yes Yes
  What are eStatements?

Instead of receiving a paper statement in your letterbox, you’ll receive an email advising that your statement is available to view online.


  • Receive your statements earlier
  • Avoid statements getting lost in the mail
  • Keep your statements electronically filed
  • Reduce paper floating around your home
  How do I register for eStatements?
To register for eStatements simply complete our online form. Alternatively you can contact our Member Service Centre on 1300 622 278 or visit one of our branches.
  How do I register for Online Banking?
To register for Online Banking simply complete our online form. Alternatively you can contact our Member Service Centre on 1300 622 278 or visit one of our branches.
  How do I register for The Mac App?
You won’t need to register for The Mac App. You’ll need to visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the App. To access your accounts simply use your current Online Banking login and password details. Note: You will need Online Banking access in order to use The Mac App. See FAQ above for registration information.
  Is Online Banking and The Mac App secure?
Your security is our highest priority. We’ve implemented a number of security measures across all our access facilities. Read our Online Security FAQs for more information.
  How can I request a Visa Debit Card?
To request a Visa Debit Card you’ll need to call our Member Service Centre on 1300 622 278, or visit one of our branches.
  How do I activate my card?
To activate your card, simply call our Member Service Centre on 1300 622 278, activate it through Online Banking or visit one of our branches. To activate your card anytime through Online Banking, look for the 'More Services' heading and tap it to reveal 'Card Activation'.
  How do I change my PIN?
You can change your PIN quickly and easily at any time using The Mac App or Online Banking. You must be registered for SMS One Time Passwords to be able to do this.
  What should I do if my card has been misused, lost or stolen?

If your Visa Debit card has been misused, lost or stolen or the PIN has become known to someone else, you must contact us as soon as possible. If you’re in Australia and need to report your card as lost or stolen, phone us on 1300 622 278 as soon as possible.

If you’re overseas please phone 61 2 4640 9999 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

  Is there a daily limit for PayWave?
You can complete up to 10 transcations with an overall total of $200 per day. Anything over this will be declined by the merchant and you will need to enter your card and press 'credit' and enter your PIN to complete your purchase.
  Are there fees and charges associated with my Visa Debit Card?
There is a $2 fee per month for our Visa Debit Cards. Additional fees and charges apply. Please refer to our Fees and Charges Guide for more information.
Request a call back

Want to talk to a real person about your account access enquiry?

You can request a call back from our team to answer your question, or call 1300 622 278, Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm.
Our Camden, Narellan, Picton or Tahmoor branch teams are also happy to help you with your account access enquiry.

Find out where our local branches are located.

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  • Testimonial - Sharryn H 2

    After dealing with many other banks it has always been a refreshing and pleasant banking experience to go to The Mac. - Sharryn

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Sharryn H

    I have been a very happy banker with The Mac for about 6 years. My interaction with our local branch has always been a super friendly and professional one. - Sharryn

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Jane H 2

    Whatever and whenever you needed assistance or just a quick smile and hello over a simple transaction was enough to make your day. Thank you to a wonderful team. - Jane

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Jane H

    It's amazing, the stark difference between The Mac and a bank; and for me The Mac was exactly what I needed. - Jane

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Elizabeth T 2

    The Mac have helped me to feel at home, have made very helpful suggestions to deal with my financial needs, all with politeness and pleasantness as if I was all important! Thank you all very much. - Elizabeth

    Mia Tindale
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