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Online Banking Guide

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Want to know how to use Online and Phone Banking What do I use my member number for Our Phone and Online Banking FAQs are here to help.

  What is Online Banking?
Online Banking is a secure space where you can view your accounts, download your eStatements, organise BPAYs, periodical payments and update your Online Banking password.
  Can I access Online Banking from my phone?
Yes, you can access Online Banking from your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer. The Mac members can also download The Mac App from Windows, Google Play and Apple App stores free of charge.
  How can I get access to Online Banking?
Access to Online Banking is fast and simple. Call us on 1300 622 278, complete our fast, online form or visit our local branches at Camden, Narellan, Picton or Tahmoor.
  Is it safe to do my banking online?
Online Banking is secure and safe and protected by encryption. It’s is important that you never share your Online Banking login details or passwords with anyone. We encourage our members to be aware of current scams and fraud alerts by regularly visiting the (visiting what?)
  Why do I have to enter the captcha text?
The captcha text is like a digital signature that authenticates that a human is logging in to Online Banking and not a bot.
  What can I use Online Banking for?

You can log into Online Banking to:

  • View your Mac accounts anywhere, anytime
  • Transfer funds to another account
  • Create, modify, cancel and schedule periodical payments
  • Create, modify, cancel and schedule BPAYs
  Can anyone else use Online Banking on my behalf?
No. You must never share your login details with another person. As the account holder, only you may access Online Banking to transact on your accounts.
  What is the difference between ‘current’ and ‘available’ balance?
Current balance refers to any money held within your Mac accounts; including any outgoing payments that are pending. Available balance refers to money that is available for you to spend.
  I’ve accidentally blocked my Online Banking account.

If you have entered your member number, password or captcha text incorrectly three times, your Online Banking will be blocked to protect your account. Call 1300 622 278 to reset your Online Banking password.

How do I set up periodical payments in Online Banking?

Setting up periodical payments is a simple and easy process.

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Select ‘Transactions’
  3. Select ‘External Transfer’
  4. Enter the details of your periodical payment
  5. Select Pay Later and complete the details of your periodical payment

You can view, modify or cancel your periodical payments at any time by selecting Future Payments.

Request a call back

Want to talk to a real person about your Online Banking enquiry?

You can request a call back from our team to answer your question, or call 1300 622 278, Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm.

Our Camden, Narellan, Picton or Tahmoor branch teams are also happy to help you with your kid's account enquiry. Find out where our local branches are located.

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  • Testimonial - Sharryn H 2

    After dealing with many other banks it has always been a refreshing and pleasant banking experience to go to The Mac. - Sharryn

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Sharryn H

    I have been a very happy banker with The Mac for about 6 years. My interaction with our local branch has always been a super friendly and professional one. - Sharryn

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Jane H 2

    Whatever and whenever you needed assistance or just a quick smile and hello over a simple transaction was enough to make your day. Thank you to a wonderful team. - Jane

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Jane H

    It's amazing, the stark difference between The Mac and a bank; and for me The Mac was exactly what I needed. - Jane

    Mia Tindale
  • Testimonial - Elizabeth T 2

    The Mac have helped me to feel at home, have made very helpful suggestions to deal with my financial needs, all with politeness and pleasantness as if I was all important! Thank you all very much. - Elizabeth

    Mia Tindale
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