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Refinance my home loan

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Refinance your home loan and pay less in home loan repayments.

As your personal circumstances change it’s important to consider whether your current home loan still satisfies your needs and delivers in the areas that you value most. Important questions to ask yourself when considering refinancing your home loan include:
  • Can I afford to continue paying my current home loan repayments? How much can I save if I switch lenders?
  • Is my current home loan flexible enough for my needs?
  • Does my current home loan offer me benefits that I value?
  • Does my current financial institution offer me convenient ways to access my accounts and repay my home loan?
  • Does my current financial institution care enough to look after me if I’m having trouble repaying my home loan?

Refinancing your home can seem like a complicated and daunting task, but with the right financial institution, it can be pain and hassle free. Just remember, when considering if it’s the right time to refinance or even which lender is right for you, look beyond the rate (even though we know it plays a huge part in your decision to refinance). Low rates can sometimes be fraught with catches and fine print.

Remember, when considering refinancing your home loan:

  1. Ask as many questions as you can. Ask them even if you feel like you’re being annoying. You want to be as informed as possible.
  2. Read any and all fine print related to any home loans you’re considering. It’s boring, it’s tedious and it’s in really, really small print, but read it anyway.
  3. Investigate the rest of their products and services. Getting the cheapest home loan rate might be great, but if it’s difficult to do all your banking there it might be worth thinking twice about.
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Want to talk to a real person about refinancing your home loan?

You can request a call back from our team or call 1300 622 278, Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm.
Our Camden, Narellan, Picton or Tahmoor branch teams are also happy to help.

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